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“If I was going to be like everyone else, who was going to be me! There is only one me, and there is only one you”

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The history of Resilience Coaching International is intimately tied with its Co-founders: Leandra Macy Charles and Paul Charles – An entrepreneurial, inter-generational daughter and father duo.

Our Beliefs

We believe that our role is to accentuate the positive and bring out the best potential in people and organisations.

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To achieve results in various aspects of people's lives that are sustainable, measurable, tangible and relevant.

What is Resilience?
Resilience is sometimes misunderstood as the ability to be armoured against difficulty. It isn't. It is the capacity to remain flexible in thoughts, behaviours and emotions when under stress - when faced by a life disruption, or extended periods of pressure, so that we emerge from difficulty stronger, wiser, and more able.
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Grego Pillay

Paul, now this is what I call conversational apologetics at its best. An appropriate illustration conveying the beauty of Obedience in Salvation that many so misunderstand.

Thotho Ntsundukazi Boya

Wow Pastor Paul Charles you have made my day, can’t wait to get hold of a revised version.

Ora Sarawin Paul

Reading the book “Wheelbarrow Kid” I can see the tremendous blessing that God has showered upon you abundantly as you have been one of the chosen ones to carry out His tasks. .. hope to see and read more of the kind of book you are able to share.. May God empower you in your ministry!

Hillary Baatjies

The Power of personal experience!!! Be blessed my brother, you have blessed me so much today through this narrative.

Accreditation & Affiliation


Dr Paul Charles – It starts in the mind and it must end in the mind – then work with the end in mind. I have heard it repeatedly claimed that Apartheid is still alive in South Africa, after so many years of constitutional democracy. In this article, in a series of three, I will limit myself to the Root of Apartheid. The Afrikaner Identity Previously, in the not-so-distant past and hard-to-forget history of South Africa, Afrikaner Nationalists believed in the…

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Dr Paul Charles – You can keep the Apple, just give me the Seed

Dr Paul Charles – The age-old question: what came first, the chicken or the egg is not just an existential question.  It is not a question which can be answered with an either/or response. Frankly, I don’t think it is fair to the chicken – who’s about to lay the egg. Rephrased the question is: what came first: the apple or the seed? Stand Out Embedded in this question is a search for priority and importance.  If the cell is the idea…

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Dr Paul Charles – Marriage and Employee Wellness

Dr Paul Charles – Today is my wedding anniversary. 24 years ago, I married my high school sweetheart. She is my best friend and my confidante. When Employee Wellness is prioritized, you will agree that inevitably, performance is fertilized. Credentials This is what I believe. There is a direct correlation between happiness in a person’s marriage and their engagement at work. Please note that happiness is (emotional and mental equilibrium).

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