A Special Day

Dr Paul Charles – Today is my wedding anniversary. 24 years ago, I married my high school sweetheart.  She is my best friend and my confidante.

When Employee Wellness is prioritized, you will agree that inevitably,  performance is fertilized.


This is what I believe. There is a direct correlation between happiness in a person’s marriage and their engagement at work. Please note that happiness is (emotional and mental equilibrium). I am a certified Prepare-Enrich Facilitator (USA), Marriage Officer and Marriage Resilience Coach (RSA). And, I have been conducting marriage enrichment seminars for employees of Corporates. I’ve conducted the same for other business entities for over 19 years. Eleven years ago, we designed a Resilient Marriage Coaching Course to certify Marriage Resilience Coaches. Most of my seminars are based on My book: The Resilient Marriage.

Personally, I have experienced the impact of a good marriage on a person’s ability to think creatively and exceed work expectations.  This improves employee inter-personal relationships which ultimately contributes to an increase in the profits of a company.

I am grateful for the 24 years of wonderful marriage that God has blessed me with and here is how I express my gratitude.   I am making an exclusive offer to conduct a marriage enrichment seminar for 24 companies/businesses. However, this offer has one condition.  Therefore, it is open to a  minimum of 24 employees but it is excluding travel and handout material.

The Offer

The offer will be valid for the first 24 representatives of these entities who reply and accept the offer within the next 24 days. The offer is extended to any company and is a  free service that we guarantee will improve employee well-being in your enterprise. This is a generous offer of  1 843 000 rands. Do you have 24 employees or more? Are you are committed to holistic employee wellness?  I will be presenting the interactive 3-hour seminar myself.

For years, I have been facilitating Marriage enrichment seminars as part of the employee wellness program of numerous entities and our research has shown that happy couples are happy employees and happy employees are more productive employees.

It’s just my way of showing how grateful I am for a happy marriage which has impacted my business, leadership relationship with my business partners.

Being grateful makes you gracious.