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The Kanizsa triangle is an optical illusion first described by the Italian psychologist Gaetano Kanizsa in 1955. When looking at the Kanizsa triangle, one sees the shape of a white, equilateral triangle in the center that appears to occlude the shapes around it. It also appears to be brighter than the surrounding area. Neuropsychologists call it the “T-effect.”

The default position of the human brain is to think positively. Groups of neural cells see breaks in lines or shapes, and if given no further input, will assume that there is a figure in front of the lines. This happens because the brain has been naturally wired to view the break in lines and circles as an object that is more brighter than the surrounding circumstances. The human brain errs on the side of safety, creativity and potential and perceives the space as an object.

Because of the missing parts – a brighter and more visible triangle is seen in the center.

Our brain is naturally Resilient, reflecting the Creator – it is able to perceive and interpret the gaps, crises, “missing parts” of our lives, relationships and business as a catalyst for something even more beautiful and ‘brighter’. Amazingly true! When we adopt negative and catastrophic thinking, resulting in stress and lack of perspective, we are working against ourselves, and a natural system inherent with the mechanism to protect itself to become better instead of bitter.

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