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The Wheelbarrow Kid

The Wheelbarrow Kid is a story of Resilience … a true story of courage against the odds of Paul Charles who survived life on the streets, institutions and the prejudice of society. The Wheelbarrow Kid has already inspired millions across the globe and is the basis of The Wheelbarrow Kid Series on Hope Channel.

Business Resilience

Resilience Coaching International, is the preferred choice with specialized coaching programs to facilitate and develop Resilience in Business, designed in consultation with stake-holders.

Developing Environmental Resilience

This is a certified course of Resilience Coaching International to engage and train professionals and students with the knowledge for safe- guarding and managing the environment proactively towards Sustainability and building Long-term Resilience.

How to sell your brand as a Resilient compelling story

This is a certified course of Resilience Coaching International that will empower you and your employees to create a powerful and persuasive story, based on your corporate brand that resonates with your prospective clients/customers. You will transition from story-telling to story-selling.

Resilience in Crisis

At some point in our lives, we all, without exception, will face hardships, losses, and painful circumstances. Our response to any crisis will make us bitter or better. In “Resilience in Crisis” Paul Charles teaches us how to view our crisis (relational or circumstantial) with a resilient paradigm that accepts every crisis as a defining moment and opportunity to grow and become even bigger and better than before.

Resilience Thinking

Change your thinking & change your life! We are not necessarily what we think we are – rather what we think: we are! Our words, actions and attitudes are all expressions of our thoughts – our true selves. In Resilience Thinking you will appreciate the neuro-plasticity of the brain and its powerful impact on how we live. You will resume control of your beautiful life, learn how to think from a point of success and work towards success in your life, relationships and goals.

Resilient “I am Called” High Impact Seminar

Participation in this High Impact Seminar will change your view about yourself, your work, your Employer and your Colleague. This will boost company and individual morale, enrich team spirit and will make every employee in a Corporate or SME’s more Resilient.

Resilient Communication

In this high impact seminar (2×90 minutes), designed for leaders at all levels, you will master the charismatic dynamics of public speaking that connects with the audience, evoke emotional response and cognitive alignment which leads to decision and action.

Resilient Corporate Governance

This is a certified course of Resilience Coaching International to highlight the professional/employee/management’s role to safeguard the integrity of the organisation and to promote high standards of ethical behaviour.

Resilient Employee Engagement & Wellness

This is a certified course of Resilience Coaching International aimed at equipping middle and top management with the skills needed to keep their employees engaged with the vision of their organisation while designing specific needs-driven programmes for enhanced employee wellness and increased productivity.

Resilient Christian Leadership

Leadership practices per se are amoral. But leaders—the men and women who use the practices—are moral or immoral.

Resilient Faith

Subject to logic and reason Walk with the author who admits that his emotional attachment to the church kept him going back. But, making decisions based on emotions is not good. In Resilient Faith, Paul places his faith, in the Bible and God, under the microscope of logic and interrogates it without prejudice with the predetermined resolve to give up his faith if what he believed was untrue. Read – only – if you are not afraid of truth. It gets personal!

Resilient God

Glimpses of a loving God There are many names to describe God and each name emanates from a personal experience. Paul believes that God pursues mankind with a relentless love and desire for us to reach our true potential. In Resilient God, you will receive introductory glimpses of God who never gives up on His children and will go to any extent to show how much He loves us. We are resilient only because our Creator is a Resilient God.

Resilient Health

The wholeness of individuals is dependent on balanced choices in each part that makes us whole: mental, physical, spiritual and social. It works like spokes in a wheel, each needs to be aligned with the other in proper proportion to maintain equilibrium and momentum.

Resilient Learning

Based on the book: Resilient Learning by Leandra Charles, a recent matriculant and first year University Student, Resilient Learning Coaching – IMPROVEMENT and PROGRESS towards ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE – IPAE is a registered programme with Resilience Coaching International. It is an interactive and engaging, one day, seminar based coaching program designed to lead a student to think Resiliently and adopt a new mindset towards academic excellence.

Resilient Marriage

Relationship Coaching has become the fastest growing niche of coaching, opening the doors of opportunity for trained and certified Coaches. This service requires specialised training and is offered by Resilience Coaching International.

Resilient Personality and Temperament

This is a certified course of Resilience Coaching International where you will learn in-depth information about personalities. This, in turn, will help you gain a better understanding of your own personality and those around you. It will improve relationships at work and home and improve productivity.

Resilient Wealth Creation

Based on the book: Resilient Wealth Creation – creating Multi-generational Wealth. “Being rich and being wealthy seems to be synonymous as both involves having a lot of money. However, there’s a big difference between the two. The main difference between being rich and being wealthy is knowledge. Wealthy people know how to make money while rich people only have money.”

Resilient Rules of Order for Board Members

This is a certified course of Resilience Coaching International aimed at equipping Board and Committee members with the accepted Rules of Order and Parliamentary Procedures required for running efficient meetings and legitimate decisions.

Six sides of Relationship Intimacy Resilience

From forgiveness in marriage to other aspects that help form resilience in relationships. Watch a series of videos on Youtube

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