The Wheelbarrow Kid

“The Wheelbarrow Kid has became a household for many people as the inspirational story of one boy who overcame restrictions of extreme poverty, derogatory prejudice and unbelievable limitations of society”.

Shared in thirteen countries and translated into three languages, The Wheelbarrow Kid is loved for its authenticity, vulnerability and simplicity which offers hope and courage in the midst of turmoil, chaos, desperation and “lost-ness”. lives are being changed and hope is rekindled and love is revived in the hearts of thousands after reading the Wheelbarrow Kid.

is it possible for a juvenile delinquent and homeless boy who was born in abject poverty and eclipsed from hope, lived in the a children’s home, a place of safety and different schools… a boy who picked thrown away sandwiches from a rubbish bin to eat… who experience living on the streets, sleeping in railway stations and running away from police – is it possible that such a could become a Multi-potentialite, prolific author and CEO?

“There’s a Wheelbarrow Kid in each of us”
Paul Charles

The Wheelbarrow Kid is just a glimpse of a true story of courage against the odds… a story of resilience and determination. it will change your life!

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